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Arizona Airports Association

Airport Executive of the Year

Since 1992, the Corporate and Associate membership has sponsored the Airport Executive of the Year award. Each year, this award honors an Executive member for his or her dedication and contribution to aviation through the operation and/or development of their airport, or for their significant participation in the aviation industry. Nominations for the 2024 award must be submitted by March 8, 2024. Only electronic nominations will be accepted. 

Previous recipients of this award include:

1991-1992 Jim Bennett
1992-1993 Larry Larkin
1993-1994 Brenda Chastain & Norm Hicks
1994-1995 Ed Thurmond
1995-1996 Dutch Bertholf
1996-1997 Barclay Dick
1997-1998 Jim McCue
1998-1999 Mike Covalt
1999-2000 Mark Meyers
2000-2001 Mike Johnson
2001-2002 Scott Gray

2002-2003 Debbie Klein
2003-2004 Mac McCall
2004-2005 Dennis Wiss
2005-2006 Charlie Mangum
2006-2007 Tina Moore
2007-2008 David Gaines
2008-2009 Joe Husband
2009-2010 Brenda Chastain
2010-2011 Darryl Thompson
2011-2012 Gary Mascaro
2012-2013 Lynn Kusy

2013-2014 Jeff Tripp
2014-2015 Not Awarded
2015-2016 Barney Helmick
2016-2017 Gladys Brown
2017-2018 Steve Miller
2018-2019 Joe Husband and Robin Sobotta
2019-2020 Ed Faron 
2020-2021 Corinne Nystrom
2021-2022 J. Brian O'Neill 
2022-2023 Chad Makovsky
2023-2024 Gladys Brown

Criteria for Selection

Nominations must be submitted by March 8, 2024.

Nominee must have:

  • Demonstrated dedication and support of AzAA.
  • A broad depth of knowledge and understanding of aviation issues.
  • Proven contributions to aviation facilities and airport improvement projects.
  • A high level of respect in the local, state and federal aviation community.
  • Demonstrated mentorship of individuals with an interest in Aviation including staff and/or others in their community.

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