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Arizona Airports Association

Marty Rosness Student Scholarship

One or multiple Marty Rosness Student Scholarship(s) may be awarded annually by the Arizona Airports Association (AzAA) for an amount totaling $2,500 or less (not to exceed $1,250 per recipient). Please note the following provisions:

• Applicants are NOT required to be a member of AzAA to apply
• Applicants must be enrolled in an aviation related degree or program in the state of Arizona
• Scholarship(s) will be awarded at the annual AzAA Spring Conference
• Scholarship recipients will be required to attend the AzAA Spring Conference to receive the award
• Recipients are provided a complimentary conference registration and reimbursement of mileage and hotel accommodations for the night of the banquet upon receipt of acceptable documentation
• Recipient(s) will be advised of the conference dates and locations in advance and must submit a registration form for the conference a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the conference

Application Requirements:

• The entire application, including this page, must be completed and returned to ensure eligibility. It is very important that you answer all questions completely and accurately; incomplete applications will not be considered
• Applicants must submit a current copy of college academic transcripts from the institution they are presently attending
• Applicants may submit a resume or any additional information believed to be pertinent
• If you need additional room to respond to any portion of this application, please attach a sheet that includes a reference to the question or section you are responding to

Applications are now open. If you have any questions please contact AzAA Headquarters

Applications are due on February 23, 2024. 

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